Welcome To The Spartan Herald: Ecole Classique’s First Digital Newspaper

Posted By : Ecole Classique

Over the past two weeks, we’ve announced a return to traditions with the creation of Spartan Pride, our brand new student, parent, and alumni¬†association, and the creation of the Sal J Federico general fund.

The response has been overwhelming. Not only from current students and parents but with alumni spanning decades.

And to continue the rolling success, we’re proud to welcome you to our first digital publication for Ecole Classique. Over the past 60 years, we’ve featured several print newspapers, but this is our first attempt at curating a blog strictly¬†from our website.

The goal of the Ecole blog is to keep the Spartan community updated on athletics, current and future events, fundraisers, and the overall well being of our student body.

Along with posts from staff and administration, the student body will curate and create articles throughout the year. The addition of an online blog for students The Spartan Herald is a brand new feature in our curriculum, and we are excited to kick it off with this article.

Please head to our brand new Alumni page here if you are interested in donating to our new general fund to support all things Ecole Classique