The Sal J Federico General Fund

The Sal J. Federico General Fund is the school’s overall annual fund. The fund is the school’s most important annual fundraising priority. It provides unrestricted funds that directly support the operating budget. The funds will be used for the Ecole Beautification project. Cleaning up fence lines, repairing our buildings, and bringing a sense of pride back to our school.

Where does the money go?

All contributions go directly into the current spartan pride budget, so your contribution helps fund everything that happens at Ecole Classique.

Contributions support:

  • Our talented and dedicated faculty
  • A full-spectrum athletic program
  • An enriched student life
  • Advanced technology
  • Repair and Maintenance to facilities
  • A culture rich in tradition

Who gives to the Sal J Federico General Fund?

Alumni, parents, trustees, faculty, staff, grandparents, parents of alumni, foundations, corporations and friends.

How much should I give?

We ask each person to participate at a level appropriate for his or her circumstances. Gifts at all levels are vital to the success of the fund.  “I want to participate, but do small gifts really matter?” They really do! In fact, more than a quarter of the gifts made to the Ecole Classique Fund are gifts of $100 or less. 

Interested In donating? Please review your options below

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Amount Raised So Far:


If you would like to speak with our Alumni Director regarding special donations, please email

Thank You to All of Our Spartan Pride Donors!

John Tiblier
Pam Eversmeyer
Jennifer Nugent
Laurie Burg
Kyndel Peacock
Zack Ham
Jacob Engro
John Fury III
Emily Jones & Family

Amy Springer
Sean Schmidt
George Cano
Sarah Schmidt
Renee Hemel
Elaine Gorman
Eugenie Anderson
Pat B Mack