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Spartans Strive for 100

Where does the money go?

We offer a multitude of places for your donation. Our Sal J Federico Facility Fund allows us to use your donation towards fixing and cleaning up our facility.

Our two newest programs were launched in 2019. The Ecole Apprentices, Arts, & Technology Program benefits our drama & arts program. The Ecole Athletic Fund, benefits all our current sports programs. Donations to our Athletic Fund can easily be applied to a sport by sport basis.

Sal J Federico Facility Fund

The Sal J. Federico Facility Fund is the school’s annual facility fund. The fund is the school’s most important annual fundraising priority. It provides unrestricted funds that directly support the growth of our school. Established in 2018, the fund is used for the Ecole Beautification project. Cleaning up fence lines, repairing our buildings, and bringing a sense of pride back to our school.

Ecole Apprentices, Arts & Technology Program


Our Ecole Apprentices program has been active for over 30+ years. Over that time, thousands of our students have participated in our annual play series each May. This program supports not only our apprentices but our students’ art development every day. Along with our arts, this fund helps purchase technological upgrades in both our classroom and school as a whole.

Ecole Athletic Fund


Benefiting all male and female sports at Ecole Classique. Donations made the Athletic fund can be used for all general athletic activities or used for a specific sport or season

How much should I give?

We ask each person to participate at a level appropriate for his or her circumstances. While we hope to strive for $100 a year, we understand that our Spartans may be interested in smaller or larger donations. Gifts at all levels are vital to the success of the funds  Please review all your available options below

Make a one time or recurring donation below! Thank you for your support!

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Recurring Donation Options:

Thank You to All of Our Spartan Pride Donors!

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