Ecole Classique Return To School Plan In Response TO COVID-19

Posted By : Ecole Classique

Ecole Classique has developed this plan for the safe return to school for our faculty, staff and students. The
guidelines that have been established have been developed based on guidance from the Louisiana Department of
Education, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Public Health Department.


At the present time, school is scheduled to begin on August 17 for students in grades 7-12 and on August 18 for
students in grades PK-6. All students will attend school Monday – Friday. Regular school hours will be followed.
 Seniors will begin at 8:25 and will be dismissed at 2:15
 7 th -11 th will begin at 8:25 and will be dismissed at 3:05
 PK- 6 th will begin at 8:25 and will be dismissed at 2:50


 Parents are encouraged to complete a health screening at home before sending students to school.
Students who exhibit any one of the following symptoms should not come to school.
o Fever- Oral 100.4F Axillary 99.4F Ear 99.4F Forehead/Temporal 99.4
o Cough
o Shortness of Breath or difficulty breathing
o Active vomiting or diarrhea

 Students who have at least two of the following symptoms should stay home
o Fever
o Chills
o Repeated shaking with chills
o Muscle Pain
o Headache
o Sore Throat
o New loss of taste or smell
o Unexplained rash

 In the event that a student tests positive for COVID 19, parents are encouraged to notify the school as
soon as possible.
 Any student, faculty or staff member who tests positive for COVID will not be allowed to return to school
until a letter of clearance from a doctor is provided.


Social distancing has been listed as one of the ways to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. Employees and
students will practice social distancing at all times.
 Classrooms have been arranged with desks positioned 6 feet apart

 Traffic Flow- Students will move in the same direction in the halls and front gym area.
 Large gatherings will be eliminated for the present time.
 Front entrance will be set up with one side for entering the building and one side for exiting the building.
 Recess and play time will be with static groups.
 Weather permitting, all Physical Education classes will take place outside.


In order to help minimize exposure to COVID 19, certain protective measures need to be taken.
 Students in grades 3-12 will be required to wear some type of face covering while in school. Face
coverings must completely cover the nose and mouth. Face shields may be worn in addition to a mask
but cannot be used in place of a mask. Ecole masks are available for purchase in the front office.
Students in grades PK-2 nd are strongly suggested to wear masks but will not be required to wear masks.
Due to recent findings, neck gator coverings will not be allowed. Even though the CDC has not
commented on using these, the Public Health department in New Orleans strongly suggested that we not
allow them on campus.
 Faculty and staff will be required to wear some type of face covering while in school. Faculty and staff
may wear face shields in addition to masks.
 The use of masks does not mean that social distancing can be forgotten about. Social distancing will still
remain in place even though masks are being worn.
 Students and employees are reminded to wash hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds.
 Hand sanitizing stations are positioned around school and can be used in addition to hand washing.
 All employees, students, parents and visitors will have temperature checked upon entering school.
 After entering school, students are to go to restrooms and wash hands.


 We strongly suggest that students purchase lunch coupon booklets from the office this year. This will
eliminate the transfer of money in the cafeteria.
 Students will still be allowed to bring lunch from home. Microwaves will still be available but will be
operated by assigned staff.
 We will still sell the usual lunch items that are packaged.
 Soft drinks and snacks will still be available.
 Students will not eat in the cafeteria. Lunch will take place in the students’ static classrooms or outside if
weather permits. Students who eat outside must maintain the 6 foot social distancing spacing.
 Students will be required to wash hands before and after eating.
 Water fountains will be covered. Students may purchase water from vending machines or they may bring
water from home.


 Restroom usage will be limited to a maximum capacity that allows for social distancing.
 Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at least every 2 hours.

 Visitors and parents are asked to contact the office before coming on campus.
 Parents are asked to please make appointments before coming to meet with teachers.
 Parents are asked not to just walk back to the classrooms with their children in the mornings. Teachers
and staff will be available to bring elementary students to their classrooms.
 All visitors and parents will have temperatures checked and will be asked to answer a simple screening
questionnaire before entering the building.


 The safety of our employees and students is our first priority. All of our facilities have been cleaned and
disinfected for the opening of school. During the school year, we will continue to adhere to all safety
precautions as prescribed by the CDC. Employees and staff will be required to continuously clean and
disinfect surface areas based upon the guidelines that have been provided to us.
 Classrooms have been set up for social distancing. All desks have been placed 6 feet apart and classroom
size has been set up to make sure that students do not exceed the number of desks in the classroom.
Every attempt has been made to limit the movement of students. For the elementary grades, this is an
easy process and students will remain in their classroom and assigned desk for the entire day. Periodic
cleaning of the desk surface will take place by the teachers. For the secondary division, it is not always
possible to have all students remain together. If students have to move to a different class, desks will be
sanitized as students leave the classrooms.
 Hand sanitizing machines have been placed around the school facility.
 Classroom desks will be cleaned on a frequent basis and will receive thorough cleaning at the end of each
school day.
 Restrooms will be cleaned every 2 hours.
 Classroom doors will remain open in order to eliminate the touching of door knobs.
 Lights will remain on in the classrooms in order to eliminate the touching of light switches.
 Push buttons on vending machines will be cleaned after use. One person will be assigned to operate the
machines during lunch and break periods.


 Athletics will resume under the guidance of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA).
 The LHSAA is following all guidelines that have been set up by the Board of Elementary and Secondary
 It is possible that some athletics will begin before others. This will depend on the classification of each
sport as a contact sport or limited contact sport.
 Conditioning is allowed for all sports at the present time.


 Ecole Classique is opening with the hope that all students will attend school each day. We have been able
to organize the classes so that all students will be able to attend every day and still maintain the social
 For those students who become sick, we will have a system in place where the students will be required
to attend remotely. Teachers will be streaming their classes through Google meet or through Zoom.
Students who are not in school will be required to log in during the scheduled class time and participate in
class through the streaming plan. ALL WORK WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED BY 8:30 AM THE NEXT
 Attendance will be taken each day and during each class period. Students must be in attendance
physically or must be logged in during the set class time.


 We do not provide school transportation. It is the responsibility of parents to bring their child(ren) to
 We strongly recommend that carpooling be limited since students who share rides to school may be
infecting other students.


 In the event that a student, faculty or staff member tests positive for COVID, the students or faculty
members who are considered to be at risk of exposure will be notified. According to the guidelines that
have been set up, anyone who has had contact with a positive tested person for more than 15 minutes at
a distance of less than 6 feet is considered to be exposed and will have to quarantine for the required
time period to make sure that symptoms do not appear.

The administration of Ecole Classique will continue to monitor and update all of these procedures as the CDC updates its protocol for COVID 19.