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The Journey to Learning—and Life—Starts Here

Whether a prospective student or interested parent/guardian, we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the many ways Ecole Classique sets itself apart—academically and creatively.

With an average student/teacher ratio of 15:1, we provide personalized learning at all levels of the learning journey. Our teachers are dedication to providing individual attention and facilitating personal growth for each student they serve.

Tuition and Fees

Special Two Year Old Fees

HALF DAYTuesdays and Thursdays$2,600
FULL DAYTuesdays and Thursdays$2,850
HALF DAYMondays, Wednesdays and Fridays$2,700
FULL DAYMondays, Wednesdays and Fridays$3,200
HALF DAYFull Week$3,100
FULL DAYFull Week$3,900

Preschool Programs

Three Half Days$2,700
Three Full Days$3,200
Five Half Days$3,100
Five Full Days$3,900

Full Academic Years

Grades One through Six$5,700
Grades Seven through Twelve$5,900

Student Activity Fees

$100 activity fee is added for all two-year-olds through kindergarteners.
$125 activity fee is added for all students in grades one through twelve.
$150 technology fee is added per family for grades one through twelve.
$200 registration fee is due at time of registration.

Learning Center Tuition and Fees

Pre-Kindergarten (Full Day)$8,300
Grades One through Six$8,800
Grades Seven through Twelve$9,200

A $125 activity fee is added for all grades in this program. A nonrefundable $250 registration fee is also due at the time of registration.