Ecole is hosting their annual Penny Drop to raise awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Our school has accepted the challenge of helping to find a cure for blood cancer! We are joining over 27,000 schools across the nation to make a difference and raise as much money as we can! Over the next 4 weeks, our school will be working to reach a goal of $5000. The penny drop competition is a 3 week period, starting Monday, March 18th through April 12th.


Students compete in a 4-week long competition to raise money for LLS. Each day students can make donations at school with spare change or online. The way the point system works is as follows:

  • Pennies count as positive points for a class while silver coins and paper money count as negative points for a class.
  • Online donations count as positive points for your class.
  • During the Health Awareness Trivia Challenge, the top 3 winners will receive positive points for their final scores.


March 18 – March 22

Health Awareness Week

7th through 12th grade students will have to opportunity to hear from healthcare professionals concerning:

  • Monday – Teenage Mental Health
  • Tuesday – Student-led skit teaching about Leukemia & Lymphoma
  • Wednesday – Female Teenage Health
  • Thursday – Health & Fitness for the Active/Inactive Teen
  • Friday – Male Teenage Health


March 25 – March 29

Online Giving Challenge Week

Students will compete to raise as much money as possible online by setting up their own online giving page.

How to set up an online giving page or donate to your class:

  • Click on your classroom page on the Ecole website
  • Click “Join your classroom team” on the right-hand side
  • Create an account or login with your account from years past.
  • Click “Select and Continue” red button
  • Type in your homeroom teacher’s last name and press search. If you don’t know the teacher’s last name associated with your grade, then see below.
  • When you see your teacher’s name, click “Select and Continue” red button next to it.
  • Pick your t-shirt size
  • Fill in your contact information. If you are under 18, you will have to enter your parent’s name and your date of birth.


April 1 – April 4

Health Awareness Trivia Week

RAFFLE: Pay $1 per entry for the KAHOOT! Health Awareness Trivia Tournament on Thursday, April 4th. 1st 5 participants picked will compete at lunch on Thursday for a chance to earn points for their class.

**Penny War boxes will close at the end of lunch on Thursday**


April 8 – April 12 (midnight)

Last Chance Online Giving Week

Point totals will be announced Tuesday, April 9. It is your last opportunity to make donations to add positive points to your score. Remember, the grade with the highest score wins the top prize below!


*You must create your own online fundraising page to receive all online prizes. See how above.

$50 Amazon gift card for the student (Pre-K through 12) that raises the most money online.

$25 Amazon gift card for the teacher (Pre-K through 12) who’s class raises the most online.

Power Ring – Collect $5 in your coinbox. (Pre-K through 6)

Hero Band – Raise $10 online. (Pre-K through 6)

Super Sidekick Key Chain – Raise $25 online (Pre-K through 12)

Hero Squad Tee – Raise $50 online. (Pre-K through 12)

Mini-Champ Key Chain – Raise $100 online. (Pre-K through 12)

PIZZA PARTY – Top fundraising class. (Pre-K through 6)

A DAY OFF OF SCHOOL!!!!!! – Top fundraising class. (7 through 12)

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Ecole Classique and not a specific classroom please head here!