Ecole is hosting their annual Penny Drop to raise awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

The penny drop competition is a 3 week period, starting Monday March 5th through March 26th.

Rules: Each class will be ranked on a point system. POSITIVE points are for pennies only, and NEGATIVE points are for (Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Bills, Checks etc)

BUT all online donations are POSITIVE points! The class with the HIGHEST positive points wins a day OFF of school. That’s right, NO SCHOOL.

Along with the winning homeroom receiving a glorious day of NO school, we’re offering weekly incentives to those participating!

  • Week 1 (5th-9th)
  • Free treats to students who make their LLS profile online. This will be used to donate money into the competition.
  • 50 State Challenge > Students with the most donations from other states will receive a amazon gift card! $50 for 25, $100 for 40, and $150 for all 50!
    $10 free dress donation (Free Dress will be Week 3)
  • Week 2 (12th-16th)
  • A raffle during lunch for a free medium pizza from Dominos. $2.00 donation to participate
  • 50 state challenge continues!
  • $10 free dress donation (Free Dress will be Week 3)
  • Week 3 (19th-23rd)
  • Free dress for those that paid during week 1 & 2!
  • Selling raffle tickets for TEACHER FOR A DAY, PRICE $1.00 (put your name and class you want to teach)

Donations offically end Monday March 26th! So find your class donation page below, and lets get started! 

**Click on your class link below to head to your homeroom’s donation page**

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Ecole Classique and not a specific classroom please head here! 

Team Name Team Captain URL
1 & 2 LC Grade Reinoso Stacy Reinoso
1 Grade Mclnerney Monique McInerney
10 grade Castillo Lorna Castille
11 grade Stout Marie Stout
11th grade Federico Greg Federico
12 grade Muggivan Erin Muggivan
2 grade Panepinto Mary Panepinto
3 & 4 LC Wittich Michele Wittich
3 grade Nolan Denise Nolan
4th grade Tucker Classroom Jana Tucker
5 & 6 Grade LC Passman Courtney Passman
5 Grade Farber Liz Farber
6th grade Coffman Susan Coffman
7th Grade McDonald Melissa McDonald
8th Grade M. Gernhauser Maurice Gernhauser
9th Grade J. Gernhauser Julie Gernhauser
Pre K & K Ney Classroom Gina Ney