What You Missed at Our All Class Reunion: New Yearly Alumni Weekend Announced Along With ‘Strive for 100’ Campaign

Posted By : Ecole Classique

Hello, Spartans! We just wrapped up our 2019 All-Class Reunion, and we’re so excited to announce several new initiatives happening at Ecole Classique. Before we get into that, here’s what we’ve been up to for the past year and a half.

What We Have Been Up To This Past Year

We’ve worked hard to create a sustainable Alumni association. In August of 2018, we launched the Sal J. Federico Facility Fund, the Ecole Apprentices Arts, the Technology Program, and the Ecole Athletic Fund.

Since we’ve launched our brand new association, we’ve raised over $15,000 from over two dozen Spartans.

Along with the creation of these funds, we have launched several new Alumni & fundraising events.

  • Spartan 5k & Half-Mile Fun Run: launched in December 2018
  • Spartan Baseball and Softball programs: held their first annual “Hit-A-Thon” this October, raising over $5,000
  • Alumni flag football tournament: to be held on April 4, 2020 at Ecole in support of our football program
  • And of course, our first All-Class Reunion since 2012

What We’ve Created So Far

With all these great additions, what have we created? Using the $15,000 we have raised over the past year, we have begun to show results on our school grounds.

This year alone, we’ve installed a new scoreboard on our football field, two new gardens, several new upgrades for our track and field program, and hired a part-time maintenance staff to help assist in outdoors maintenance.

Spartan Pride Moving Forward

And now, we’re excited to announce several new initiatives and goals and ideas moving forward into 2020!

Alumni Weekend

We’re proud to announce every year moving forward, Spartan Pride will host an annual “Alumni Weekend.” Our alumni weekend will feature new events, fundraisers, reunions for multiple classes, and overall community projects each and every year. It will be centered around our homecoming weekend each year.

Strive For 100 Campaign

Second, we are proud to introduce our “Strive for 100” campaign. With this program, we hope to work 100% harder to engage and interact with our family, alumni, and friends of Ecole. This includes highlighting events, helping to coordinate class reunions, creating yearly alumni events, hosting giveaways, and much more! In return, we hope all Spartan Alumni can meet our goal of raising $100 per Spartan graduate each and every year. 

We currently have over two dozen alumni who are inside our Strive for 100 program, and we’re proud to announce we welcomed 28 new Spartans!

Rich Cazaubon | Sarah Schmidt | Tara Cortez Couch | Kelly Walker | Kelly Marbry | Ashley Flesch | Mark Best | Tracy Hugenroth | Julie Federico Gernahuser | Julie Maloney | Coley Proft Keirstead | Lindsey Leingang | Beau Nagel | Jonathan Liberto | Cory Bono | L.J. Trascher | Alex Tedesco | Brandon Bourgeois | Greg Powell | Jim Meibaum | D.J Wild | Ray Decedue | Jermey Melvin | Ryan Puleo | Sal Puleo | Brad Daigle | Sean & Adrianna Smith 

What’s Next?

If you are looking to join “Strive For 100,” you can donate HERE! You will need a Paypal account if you plan to make this donation a monthly occurrence.

We still have TWO alumni events happening this school year: our Spartan 5k on December 1st and our Alumni flag football game on April 4th! You can register for EITHER event here!

And as always, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. You can reach us at Ecole@Spartanpride.cc or give us a ring at 504-874-1321.

Thanks, Spartans! You can see a full photo review of our all-class reunion below!