Structured for Success—Every Student, Every Grade

Early Childhood Programs

The Children’s Center at Ecole Classique is home to our Early Childhood classes, serving two-year-olds through kindergarteners. The Children’s Center offers a coeducational and nonsectarian model that helps each child learn and grow through direct, personal interaction with teachers and other students. The classes are arbitrarily assigned without “leveling” or “grouping.” The staff is composed of one director and five staff members. The director and all teachers hold degrees in early childhood education or specialize in this area.


Monthly calendars are provided to parents explaining the classroom curriculum and special activities, such as cooking experiences (weekly), the menu for a healthy snack program, special visitors to the classrooms, parties for all major holidays, an annual art show and summer camp.

Our student/teacher ratio reflects our commitment to the individual success of each student:

  • Two-year-olds 8:1
  • Three-year-olds 10:1
  • Four-year-olds 10:1
  • kindergarteners 13:1