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Freeman Learning Center

The Freeman Learning Center was established as a program that could meet the needs of students with learning differences. It was a unique concept in the New Orleans/Metairie area when it was established, and it has proven to be a very successful program. Originally developed on the elementary level, the Freeman Learning Center now operates through high school.

Students who complete this program graduate with a college preparatory diploma and are enrolling in and successfully completing college.

On the elementary level, the students work with a lead teacher and a support teacher. Classes are small, allowing the teachers to customize the curriculum for each student.

On the high school level, the students are enrolled in the same academic courses as all other high school students but will go to the Learning Center classroom twice during the day for tutoring, learning organizational skills, test-taking and support.

This program, which was established in 1994, offers an alternative method to educating learning-different students. The Learning Center concentrates on developing literacy skills (reading and writing) through experimental, multisensory learning experiences in multi-age classrooms.

The teacher/student ratio is approximately 1:7 on the elementary level and 1:9 at the high school level.

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