Whether you’re a current, past or future student of Ecole Classique, we have all shown our sense of “Spartan Pride”. Spartan Pride is an association of students, parents and alumni. It was created to help you stay connected with Ecole and each other, wherever you are in your life now. Whatever you are seeking, be it Ecole events or just news and pictures from old friends, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to the future of our pride and continuing to build a community of proud students, staff and alumni!


  1. Create a self sufficient association that can function as an entity of the Ecole Classique brand.
  2. Create Fundraising campaigns for Ecole Classique.
  3. Increase student, alumni, and parent involvement.
  4. Increase Enrollment over a 3 year period (100 Students per year).
  5. Maintain the grounds of Ecole Classique.


Sean Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer

Sean is a native of New Orleans and attended Ecole Classique High School in Metairie, La. Following high school, Sean went on to earn a degree in Education from the University of New Orleans.

Kelly Marbry

Parent Club President

Kelly is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a 1998 Graduate of Ecole Classique High School

Greg Myers

Athletic Director—Alumni Coordinator

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